Rain.credit Off-Chain Analytics Aggregation Oracle: The White Paper

Decentralized lending platforms are a prime example of how blockchain technology and deFi is rapidly accelerating everything we know about finance. Previously banks, Investment Houses and other Mega Financial Corporations where the only way people earned interest on their capital, accessed loans and other financial services. Today, with new protocols been developed at a rapid pace, deFi has proven to be a solid contender when it comes to storing your money, accessing loans, earning a good return, quick liquidity and a host of other services. One of these protocols looking to further accelerate more concise checks in the lending/earning space of deFi is rain.credit.

Rain.Credit is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain which acts as a non-custodial Off-Chain Data analytics Oracle Aggregator providing concise Credit rating on a user’s address. This credit rating is used to provide a better collateral factor for digital asset lenders and borrowers on the rain platform. Rain.Credit is based on the current decentralized lending platforms and protocols, but with various changes to bring an even more innovative design and experience.

What makes us so unique is how we will use Aggregated Off-Chain analytics to help reduce investors exposure when they begin to interact with our ecosystem.

The way our ecosystem benefit’s from this innovation is quite simple. A user who provides as much information as possible regarding their transaction history across multiple chains, will require less collateral than a user with opaque transaction history. This provides a transparent view to other lenders or borrowers which in turn creates a safer ecosystem. Users who supply this information will also get additional access to $RAIN tokens which is available to borrowers without needing any additional collateral. The amount of tokens a borrower can receive is based on the user’s Aggregated transaction history from the rain Off-Chain Analytics Oracle derived rating score. The formula to decide the amount of $RAIN token to be lent is as follows:

RAIN = Amount to borrow + Transaction History / Amount to secure

An Off-Chain API interface for third party integration with other companies, protocols, developers and deFi apps will be provided. Some of the key features that will be available include multiple POST and GET endpoints for multiple Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains. Over time other features will be introduced, some of these features are: Integration with external data providers and directories, Decentralized account blacklist tracker, smart contract analysis, on and off chain measurement of equity and assets, Loan aggregation engine, Shared AMM across multiple chains, Investment Intelligence and so much more will be released in the future and will be free to the $RAIN community members.

Oracles provide a solution to the transparency issue many defi projects face. By taking off chain information and supplying the data in an immutable way, the Rain.Credit Oracle enables smart contracts to pull data from from blocks that contain the needed information. The information transmitted by the Rain.Credit oracle will include things that can’t be tracked or monitored by the blockchain. This includes user payment history across multiple chains, real world economic events, changing government policies and user account history.

By providing a completely transparent layer, trust is entrenched by both lenders and borrowers. Instead of blindly lending someone a crypto assets without any sort of history of proof of previous fulfillment of lending requirements, a lender can look into the users past payment history with other lending protocols and determine the amount of collateral required dynamically (More for risky lenders). This allows the lending protocol to have a more fine grained control on asset allocation to a particular user depending on their credit score. Other external factors can also influence this confidence, but it would not be possible without the information the Rain.Credit Oracle provides.

By taking advantage of the Collateral Debt Position which is utilized by Compound, Aave, Cream and other providers while also combining pooled assets through our AMM. User’s will have an entirely different experience not seen with any other lending providers. With $RAIN, you can borrow the sum of up to 70% of your collateral (for example you can borrow 70 BNB and its equivalent value in BUSD, DAI or any other stable coin with 100 BNB posted as collateral).

Users who take out additional borrowed $RAIN tokens would be subject to additional interest and would have to fulfill payment at a set time. If the user is unable to fulfill their payback agreement before a liquidation occurs, the user would be subject to a less positive analytic rating which would lessen their chances of being granted another loan on the platform.

How Rain drops works

$RAIN has a simple distribution model. It’s total supply consists of 800,000 $RAIN. The token distribution is as follows:

  • 40% will be sold via presale
  • 20% will be used for project development
  • 20% will be used to provide Liquidity and yield farming
  • 10% tokens will be allocated for team (For 2 years, these tokens will be locked to instill confidence in the community)
  • 10% will be used for marketing

Rain.Credit is taking the opportunity to create a more trustworthy ecosystem while also providing an incentive to participate in borrowing and lending to increase a user’s Credit score. Off-Chain analysis utilization to build trust in lending and borrowing in the defi space is something that has not been explored before loans are processed. With the ability to use real life information and events as a factor in decision making, users can worry less about credibility, trustworthiness, higher collateral factor and focus on using their assets to help grow their portfolios while participating in an innovative and trailblazing platform.

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The sole purpose of this post/article is to provide and create and informative and educated discussion regarding the project in question. Invest at your own risk.

Rain.Credit is an Off-Chain data analytics Aggregation Oracle for the BSC that provides centralized loans and finance market, with low-risk and guarantee.